Why am I still getting a password prompt with ssh with public key authentication?

Try these following commands `ssh-copy-id -i root@ip_address` Enter key till you get the prompt ..........

Time Scopes for Ruby on Rails

``` ruby # Time Scopes scope :today, -> { where(:created_at => Time.now.beginning_of_day..Time.now.end_of_day) } scope :yesterday, -> { where(:created_at => 1.days.ago.beginning_of_day..1.days.ago.end_of_day) } .......... ```

VIM Destroys All Other Rails Editors

What you use to edit code is any other tool and it comes down to personal preference. Personally I LOVE Vim. There are hundred different ways you could set up Vim. This is the setup that's worked best for me. Hope you enjoy it as well. First things first

How to install Aptana Studio in Ubuntu 18.04

Go to https://github.com/aptana/studio3/releases and download the latest lunux version zip file: `$ wget https://github.com/aptana/studio3/releases/download/` `$ sudo apt install unzip`

How to install flutter in ubuntu 18.04

Open terminal, go to home directory. `cd ~` Create `dev` directory and install flutter. `$ mkdir dev` `$ cd dev` `$ git clone https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git -b stable --depth 1`

How to check letsencrypt ssl create date and expiry date

`$ sudo openssl x509 -dates -noout -in /etc/letsencrypt/live/[DOMAIN]/cert.pem` ``` # output notBefore=Jun 17 22:38:07 2020 GMT notAfter=Sep 15 22:38:07 2020 GMT ```

Phusion Passenger can't run as root - WARNING: potential privilege escalation vulnerability

Creating user, database and adding access on PostgreSQL

Allow password authentication $ sudo vim /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/pg_hba.conf

How to install Falkon Web Browser in Ubuntu 18.04

`$ sudo apt-get update` `$ sudo apt-get install falkon`

How to concat multiple mp3 files in Ubuntu 18.04